Jedi Origins

1 year of searching


It’s been nearly a year since we began searching for the world of force users that will wage war on the galaxy. Ratts, Isol and I regularly meditate of this premanition. We reach the same result as the council. Ther’re out there, somewhere.

Well, I can’t say that the year has been a waste. The extended isolation has been great for training the padawans. All have increased their skills and connection to the force. Most have even built their own lightsabers.

On the poltical front, the republic is doing well. The council decided to re-name the entire order. “Shaman” seemed to be giving the citizens of the galaxy the impression that we were all a bunch of crazy hermits and sorcerors. We are now “Jedi: sworn to uphold the republic and act as protectors of the galaxy.” I don’t put much stock in what anything is called, but I can see how some might find this important.

In-hilt power packs have been perfected for lightsabers. This has led to a new art form, throwing your lightsaber. Isol has even had entire lightsaber duels without touching her lightsaber.

Though some I’ve heard some dark and disturbing secrets as I join the more experianced masters, I still believe we are seeing the rise of the order.



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