Jedi Origins

Coruscunt Politics


We arrived at Coruscunt a few days ago. Most of the padawans needed to re-supply, so I’ve allowed them to have some leave while I report to the council. The council was interested to hear about the crystal cave on the ice covered planet. It will be put off to the side since Dantoine has crystal caves as well, but it’s much easier to obtain them since there’s already an established settlement.

The Smuggler’s power pack modification was also of interest. As the whole of the order is comming out of the back woods of outer rim worlds and into the galactic community, these lightsabers will likely become more symobls of the order than just tools for defence.

The political situation is actually improving for once. It looks like we should be able to win the vote for a full Republic. We’re just waiting for Lady Isol of Naboo. Her idiot assistant is making Naboo the second system to constantly call for a vote of no confidence. With a system that will second this fool notion, the vote would take years to complete what can be done in a week.

As I met with the council of masters, I was finally told why there is such urgency in the vote to obtain a republic. The council’s seers have agreed on a preminition. A great war is about to befall the galaxy. One led by a dark army of force users. A republic will be much more conducive to a war effort. The sooner a galactic republic can be established, the sooner an army can be gathered, and the sooner we can be ready to defend the people of the galaxy.

I have recently finished setting up the testing rooms for the padawans. They’re still inexperienced, but I need knights. We’ll have to push their abilities. This will be their one and only chance to proove themselves in a risk free setting. If they fail to defeat their inner darkness, they will have to prove their skill and courage in a situation.



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