Jedi Origins

Galactic History

Dates are posted as follows: Galactic standard year/Galactic Standard Month (10 per year)/Galactic Standard day (30 in each month)

0/0/0 10 systems agree to form a parliament to govern over matters which effect the galactic community. A galactic calendar is established as well as trade routes and laws common to all the systems are set as the galactic constitution. A rotating Prime Minister is elected by the parliament for a term of 8 years. A PM is not allowed to serve more than one term except by special decree. A special decree must be accepted by 90% of the parliament. Future star systems will be allowed to join with a simple majority, 50% + PM. The Prime Minister is technically allowed to vote twice in such situations.

10/3/26 Parliament approves taxes to fund a galactic malitia. Each star system reports directly to the 5 member galactic security council.

21/7/13 Parliament agrees to permanently re-locate to Coruscant, the most techologically developed planet represented by the parliament.

35/9/11 Parliament divides into two major political parties and indepndents.

36/10/2 Parliament banishes political parties for the good of the galaxy.

41/2/29 Parliament approves funds for the organization of the shamans of several worlds into a collective to report to the Prime Minister.

44/1/13 Shamans are given juristiction over themselves and public funding is cut dramatically. A relationship is maintained where advice and assistence from the shamans is traded for information and special privledges.

50/5/22 First “light saber” patent is issued to the parliament by the chairman of the shaman council.

90/1/1 Research funding is aproved for the Shaman Council to expand recruitment. Funding will last for 5 standard years. Shaman Council has 10 standard years to publish convincing findings that the shaman council is a neccesary component of the government programs or be cut permanently.



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