Jedi Origins

Politics of the Old Parliament


An eventfull week. The team found Lady Isol’s shuttle crashed on a system. From what I hear, it had quite a rat problem. A few days ago they returned and Lady Isol was able to take control of her vote. He assistant, it turns out, was literally in bed with the obstructionists. With that little issue solved the votes are moving ahead quickly.

There will be a formal vote in a few days, but all opinions have already been logged. The vote will pass. Lady Isol has decided, after her heroic rescue, that the shamans deserve to be a fully funded section of the republic. She is head of the special programs committee, and has already asked the council for a mission statement and predicted expences. This will be several months from now before we see a vote, but it’s good to have some support from those we are constantly trying to protect.

Until that vote, it’s back to our work. The lower masters like myself have been instructed to scout out worlds with force sensitivity in an effort to gain allys and find this predicted threat to the galaxy.

I’ve already been given coordinates to explore. It’s in the mid to outer rim. Our coordinates are odd since the seers did not pick this location. We are acting on a rumor from a few traveling traders and smugglers who swear there is a whole society of force users. My doubt of this lead is extreme, but my knights are likely not ready for this type of encounter anyways. Some time on the ship to train while eliminating this location will be good for the crew.



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