Moisture Smuggler


The Sumggler was once a young member of a group of moisture smugglers. As a general tactic, the criminals would use flame throwers to set fire to a village’s huts on an outer rim world where water was scarse. They would then sell water to the settlers at outrageous prices.

One day the gang rolled up on a typical looking town. The largest building in town was set on fire like usual, but this time all of the towns folk pulled out high powered blaster rifles. As people fled the burning building, one hooded man paused in the street to look at the gang. He made eye contact with the nervous young gang member, then went to talk to the boy. It was master Gix, and he convinced the boy to come with him, rather than stick around to see how the negotiations went. The boy did look back to see a lot of smoke and hear a lot of blaster fire, but he’s still not sure what happened back at the town.

The Smuggler took a liking to the light saber, but is still working on his force powers.

Moisture Smuggler

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