A Quarren crime lord and force adept.


Krath-Ulu has no interest in being a public figure. With his powers of persuasion, he could easily find himself a Prime Minister in only a few cycles. Krath-Ulu prefers to operate in the shadows, surrounded by those who have proven their loyalty. Known to take in those who have been rejected by the Shamans, most assume he has some aptitude with the force.

Several attempts have been made to arrest and imprison Krath-Ulu. Those that have resulted in an arrest, and were not immediately followed by a break out, have eventually lead to the cheif prosecutor dropping the charges.

With a not so small fortune, a band of followers rivaling the Corescant militia, and a stronghold that makes the prime minister jealous, the common wisdom is to leave Krath-Ulu alone. Local police do what they can to stop his underlings, but it’s been a few years since anyone has tried to stop him directly.


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