Lady Isol

Former parliament rep, turned jedi knight


Key talents/feats:

Wealth, White current adept. Block, Ataru. Vehicular combat, weapon finesse, melee defence, whirlwind attack, force training.

Force powers:

Farseeing, Negate energy, kinetic combat.

Apearance: Human, Long Brown Hair, 5’8”, 130lbs, 29yo, green eyes, blue lightsaber.


Lady Isol was the head representative from Nar Shadda. Her assistant took advantage of the anti government movement on Nar Shadda and Isol’s key vote in transforming the old parliament into the galactic republic, to supplant her. Though the assistant is completely incompetant, his purely smear champaign worked on the mostly uninformed and/or greedy population.

Isol did not mind losing the election, rather she was happy. After being rescued by the crew of the Basalisk, she was fascinated by how the shamans were able to use their connection to the force.

While still in office, she recieved some training from master Gix as a formal thank you for her role in transforming the galactic government. Master Gix recognized that Isol was more than just an entertained senator, but some kind of force adept. Lady Isol revealed to master Gix that she was a member of a well hidden organization that views the force as a river of energy. She was already capable of literally disapearing using what she was always told was the “current.”

When Lady Isol left office, she joined the crew of the Basalisk and began full training as a jedi. She was soon able to proove her aptitude and even pass her test of knighthood. Recently she constructed her own lightsaber. With the new miniturized power packs, she makes use of her ability to remotely control her lightsaber while she uses the force to hide in the shadows.

Isol still recieves wealth from her politically active family. Most of this is put aside for speeders and star fighters for the crew. The crew might look down on this inheritance if it didn’t result in them getting gifts and Isol almost always picking up the tab at cantinas.

Lady Isol

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