Master Gix

The Master Shaman assigned to recruit an advanced team of young force users.


Master Gix (formerly shaman Gix) is a human who has recently earned the rank of master due to his research into the genetic basis for the force. He found that the children of force capable parents have an 87% chance of developeing force capabilities. Further, all offspring of two force sensitive parents develope some amount of force capability and have a high chance of being particularly strong in the force.

Master Gix’s published opinion is to encourage romantic involvements among force users, and to train the offspring from these unions in the force at an early age.

After ataining the rank of master, Gix is alloted 100,000 credits worth of equipment to continue his research into the secrets of the force. Gix used all of his funds and a great deal of his own money on a space ship named “The Basalisk” and a dozen sets of lightsaber components. The Basalisk is a used B-wing freighter with special modifications in communications arrays, crew quarters, and shielding. Gix buys a droid crew and sets off to recruit a team of highly talented force users. Who knows what he’ll be able to find, but hopefully it will be enough to impress the parliament.

To keep himself occupied on long hyperspace trips, Gix designed and build what he called “the Pool.” Pool is a modified combat droid built to be a formidable opponent in a lightsaber duel. Gix managed to get a Bondar lightsaber crystal from a friend so that the droid would not accidently kill any opponents. Gix plans to send the droid in with the team he assembles as backup for a group that has yet to become proficient with their lightsabers.

Master Gix

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