The Dancer

New recruit, former cantina girl


The dancer used to make her living by using the pharamones of her species to trick cantina patrons out of their credits. It’s pretty easy to convince a nobleman that a dance is worth 3,000 credits when he’s already about to pass out.

The dancer ran into an issue recently when a new mark had some undercover body guards in the room. Hardly ready for a fight, she was glad when an older man from the bar stepped in and convinced the men to back off. After the noble and his thugs left, the mysterious stranger introduced himself as Shaman Master Gix. He new about the abilities she had been keeping secret her whole life and offered to train her to develope and control these abilities. The offer was sweetened by the prospect of a free ride off planet, where it is much easier to avoid angry nobles.

Though her trainging has just started, the Dancer shows great promice.


The Dancer

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