Jedi Origins

1 year of searching


It’s been nearly a year since we began searching for the world of force users that will wage war on the galaxy. Ratts, Isol and I regularly meditate of this premanition. We reach the same result as the council. Ther’re out there, somewhere.

Well, I can’t say that the year has been a waste. The extended isolation has been great for training the padawans. All have increased their skills and connection to the force. Most have even built their own lightsabers.

On the poltical front, the republic is doing well. The council decided to re-name the entire order. “Shaman” seemed to be giving the citizens of the galaxy the impression that we were all a bunch of crazy hermits and sorcerors. We are now “Jedi: sworn to uphold the republic and act as protectors of the galaxy.” I don’t put much stock in what anything is called, but I can see how some might find this important.

In-hilt power packs have been perfected for lightsabers. This has led to a new art form, throwing your lightsaber. Isol has even had entire lightsaber duels without touching her lightsaber.

Though some I’ve heard some dark and disturbing secrets as I join the more experianced masters, I still believe we are seeing the rise of the order.

Old friend, new student


Lady Isol was greatly wronged, but it seems to have worked out for the best. The little worm of an assistant she had ran against her in a special election. He used a lot of misinformation to win the election. On my last visit to Coruscunt, Isol was the only representative still wanting to fund the shamans. As thanks I trained her to use a lightsaber, even gave her a training lightsaber as a gift. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I could sense something special about her. It turns out she’s been force sensative her whole life.

Now that she’s out of the senate she helped create, she has expressed her wish to join the crew as my padawan. I whole heartedly accepted. She’ll make an excellent student and I’m sure the crew won’t mind all the credits she’ll be bringing on board.

Politics of the Old Parliament


An eventfull week. The team found Lady Isol’s shuttle crashed on a system. From what I hear, it had quite a rat problem. A few days ago they returned and Lady Isol was able to take control of her vote. He assistant, it turns out, was literally in bed with the obstructionists. With that little issue solved the votes are moving ahead quickly.

There will be a formal vote in a few days, but all opinions have already been logged. The vote will pass. Lady Isol has decided, after her heroic rescue, that the shamans deserve to be a fully funded section of the republic. She is head of the special programs committee, and has already asked the council for a mission statement and predicted expences. This will be several months from now before we see a vote, but it’s good to have some support from those we are constantly trying to protect.

Until that vote, it’s back to our work. The lower masters like myself have been instructed to scout out worlds with force sensitivity in an effort to gain allys and find this predicted threat to the galaxy.

I’ve already been given coordinates to explore. It’s in the mid to outer rim. Our coordinates are odd since the seers did not pick this location. We are acting on a rumor from a few traveling traders and smugglers who swear there is a whole society of force users. My doubt of this lead is extreme, but my knights are likely not ready for this type of encounter anyways. Some time on the ship to train while eliminating this location will be good for the crew.

The Trials


The Dancer, Tank, and Padawan Ratts all passed their trails of knighthood. Each defeated their dark selves in their own particular idium. The Smuggler proved he did not have the bravery to pass his test. Ironically he was the only one to profess that he would not give up under any circumstances. He did not take the failure well. I hope I can find the time to train him further to resist his dark emotions.

The concil would have been willing to overlook the lack of courage considering his mechanical contribution to the order, but when he stormed out of the temple, he proved he was just not ready to become a knight.

Lady Isol has still not arrived. I’ll send the team with the Basailsk to search systems where he transport could have crash landed while I try to get some answers from her assistant.

Coruscunt Politics


We arrived at Coruscunt a few days ago. Most of the padawans needed to re-supply, so I’ve allowed them to have some leave while I report to the council. The council was interested to hear about the crystal cave on the ice covered planet. It will be put off to the side since Dantoine has crystal caves as well, but it’s much easier to obtain them since there’s already an established settlement.

The Smuggler’s power pack modification was also of interest. As the whole of the order is comming out of the back woods of outer rim worlds and into the galactic community, these lightsabers will likely become more symobls of the order than just tools for defence.

The political situation is actually improving for once. It looks like we should be able to win the vote for a full Republic. We’re just waiting for Lady Isol of Naboo. Her idiot assistant is making Naboo the second system to constantly call for a vote of no confidence. With a system that will second this fool notion, the vote would take years to complete what can be done in a week.

As I met with the council of masters, I was finally told why there is such urgency in the vote to obtain a republic. The council’s seers have agreed on a preminition. A great war is about to befall the galaxy. One led by a dark army of force users. A republic will be much more conducive to a war effort. The sooner a galactic republic can be established, the sooner an army can be gathered, and the sooner we can be ready to defend the people of the galaxy.

I have recently finished setting up the testing rooms for the padawans. They’re still inexperienced, but I need knights. We’ll have to push their abilities. This will be their one and only chance to proove themselves in a risk free setting. If they fail to defeat their inner darkness, they will have to prove their skill and courage in a situation.

Game Start

95/2/13 Gix Log

The final members of the crew have been found. The newest members have only been on the ship for a couple weeks, not long enough for me to give them much of any training. A few crew members can’t even use a lightsaber, and only one or two can use any force powers. Still, they’ll be okay on some basic missions. They’ll have to be. The council has me chasing ghosts trying to find anything we can use to convince the parliament to restore our funding.

Damn parliament. Due to the structure, any member can call a vote of no confidence in the prime minister. Because a few systems have elections comming up, the politial show boating keeps anything from getting done. They need to re-organize into a Republic like Coruscant used to have for it’s local government.

I’m sending the padawans into the city to do some odd jobs. Bounty hunting, smuggling, espionage, anything they can get.


Yesterday the padawans decided to get the fuel credits by doing some bounty hunting. Most of the jobs went fine, but the last one did not go so well. In the fight the charlatan’s ship was locked into auto pilot with the airlock open. The padawans managed to damage the internal systems to keep it from going into orbit, but then the ship crashed into main street. We were all fortunate nobody was killed. We left the planet before any buisness owners decided to press for us to pay their damages. Now we’re headed for a new planet to investigate a strong force influence comming from the system.


Today we arrived on the planet. It’s very cold in this region, but I sence a lot of force influence. I sent the padawans into a cave to look for lightsaber cystals. They found several hundred in the cave and managed to gather a dozen before wild Wampas attacked them. Meanwhile a bounty hunter and some mercenaries were tracking the ship to take revenge for the capture of one of their assasins. I had to battle the bounty hunter before convincing the merc’s to move on peacfully. Before the merc’s could board the ship, I sent Pool into the cave to retrive the padawans. It’s a good thing too, because without Pool’s assistance they might have been even more severly injured by the angry Wampas.

I used half of the crystals to create new lightsabers for the padawans. The other half we will donate to the shaman order. I will have the padawans attempt to attune with their lightsabers as part of their training on the ship. It’ll be 21 days before we reach Coruscant, where I can confirm the planet’s crystal cave.


The Smuggler has surprised me. He’s found a way to increase the power out put and decrease the size of the power packs for lightsabers. In stead of a large back pack a simple pack to strap to the forearm will suffice for extended periods. I think once we get to Coruscant we will be able to find some newer power packs to make them even more portable. Pretty soon we’ll be throwing lightsabers.


We’ve docked at Coruscant. I’ve recieved word that the parliament is finally having a discussion on re-organizing into a Republic. This would mean much less bickering and much more action to be taken by the galactic government. I’ve given the padawans 3 days of “shore leave” as the soldiers used to say. They have some spare credits and after more than a month of hard training they could use some fun. I do hope some of them decide to join me at will (hopefully) soon be called the Galactic Senate. Side note, the Tank is still meditating with her new lightsaber. I’ve never seen it take so long for a padawan to attune to a lightsaber. It could be the inperfections in the crystal.

Behind the scenes

Background bonuses will be assigned for character concepts. Some backgrounds will be required for certain starting classes.

1st Level Jedi:

There is not a well organized recruitment program for infants. Unless a parent seeks out the shaman council, or a shaman stubles uppon a young force user, there is no way for someone to start as a jedi. There is one VERY common exception. knights and masters are allowed to have families, and often do with other knights and masters. The resulting children are almost always force sensitive and are trained from an early age.

The only way to be a 1st level jedi, is to be the child of a jedi. Depending on back story, your character will be granted a gm chosen force talent or extra set of force powers.


A large part of the champaign will be recruiting mystics from accross the galaxy. You are one of these recruited mystics. Though not yet trained as a jedi, you have been recruited for your abilities with the force. You can be a mystic and chose any class besides Jedi. Depending on back story, your character will be granted a gm chosen force talent or extra set of force powers.

Super Soldier Trainee/SWAT Trainee:

Many military institutions have found that some extra funding and training can go a long way. A Super Sldier background often means that the character starts play with special equipment and possibly a bonus combat feat.

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Galactic History

Dates are posted as follows: Galactic standard year/Galactic Standard Month (10 per year)/Galactic Standard day (30 in each month)

0/0/0 10 systems agree to form a parliament to govern over matters which effect the galactic community. A galactic calendar is established as well as trade routes and laws common to all the systems are set as the galactic constitution. A rotating Prime Minister is elected by the parliament for a term of 8 years. A PM is not allowed to serve more than one term except by special decree. A special decree must be accepted by 90% of the parliament. Future star systems will be allowed to join with a simple majority, 50% + PM. The Prime Minister is technically allowed to vote twice in such situations.

10/3/26 Parliament approves taxes to fund a galactic malitia. Each star system reports directly to the 5 member galactic security council.

21/7/13 Parliament agrees to permanently re-locate to Coruscant, the most techologically developed planet represented by the parliament.

35/9/11 Parliament divides into two major political parties and indepndents.

36/10/2 Parliament banishes political parties for the good of the galaxy.

41/2/29 Parliament approves funds for the organization of the shamans of several worlds into a collective to report to the Prime Minister.

44/1/13 Shamans are given juristiction over themselves and public funding is cut dramatically. A relationship is maintained where advice and assistence from the shamans is traded for information and special privledges.

50/5/22 First “light saber” patent is issued to the parliament by the chairman of the shaman council.

90/1/1 Research funding is aproved for the Shaman Council to expand recruitment. Funding will last for 5 standard years. Shaman Council has 10 standard years to publish convincing findings that the shaman council is a neccesary component of the government programs or be cut permanently.


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