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Jedi Origins

The various planetary systems of the galaxy have recently pooled their resources and government into a galactic parlement. Inter stellar travel and other technolgies have reached a plateu. One which will be held static for the next several thousand years.

When the various systems shared their cultures, the shamans of the different planets began to gather. The mystical energy they had all been using was given a common name, the force. The shamans decided to form an organization to expand their knowledge and pass it on to the next generation.

Some discoveries have already been made, but many are up to the new generation to figure out.

Known teachings include:

  • How to use a backpack generator, some various parts, and a crystal to create an energy sword.
  • This energy sword can help you do amazing things such as deflect blaster fire.
  • If you do evil things, you will eventually loose control of yourself and betray everything/everyone you care about.

The new generation will, hopefully, unlock new teachings that will help the thousands of generations to come.

Main Page

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