Jedi Origins

Game Start

95/2/13 Gix Log

The final members of the crew have been found. The newest members have only been on the ship for a couple weeks, not long enough for me to give them much of any training. A few crew members can’t even use a lightsaber, and only one or two can use any force powers. Still, they’ll be okay on some basic missions. They’ll have to be. The council has me chasing ghosts trying to find anything we can use to convince the parliament to restore our funding.

Damn parliament. Due to the structure, any member can call a vote of no confidence in the prime minister. Because a few systems have elections comming up, the politial show boating keeps anything from getting done. They need to re-organize into a Republic like Coruscant used to have for it’s local government.

I’m sending the padawans into the city to do some odd jobs. Bounty hunting, smuggling, espionage, anything they can get.


Yesterday the padawans decided to get the fuel credits by doing some bounty hunting. Most of the jobs went fine, but the last one did not go so well. In the fight the charlatan’s ship was locked into auto pilot with the airlock open. The padawans managed to damage the internal systems to keep it from going into orbit, but then the ship crashed into main street. We were all fortunate nobody was killed. We left the planet before any buisness owners decided to press for us to pay their damages. Now we’re headed for a new planet to investigate a strong force influence comming from the system.


Today we arrived on the planet. It’s very cold in this region, but I sence a lot of force influence. I sent the padawans into a cave to look for lightsaber cystals. They found several hundred in the cave and managed to gather a dozen before wild Wampas attacked them. Meanwhile a bounty hunter and some mercenaries were tracking the ship to take revenge for the capture of one of their assasins. I had to battle the bounty hunter before convincing the merc’s to move on peacfully. Before the merc’s could board the ship, I sent Pool into the cave to retrive the padawans. It’s a good thing too, because without Pool’s assistance they might have been even more severly injured by the angry Wampas.

I used half of the crystals to create new lightsabers for the padawans. The other half we will donate to the shaman order. I will have the padawans attempt to attune with their lightsabers as part of their training on the ship. It’ll be 21 days before we reach Coruscant, where I can confirm the planet’s crystal cave.


The Smuggler has surprised me. He’s found a way to increase the power out put and decrease the size of the power packs for lightsabers. In stead of a large back pack a simple pack to strap to the forearm will suffice for extended periods. I think once we get to Coruscant we will be able to find some newer power packs to make them even more portable. Pretty soon we’ll be throwing lightsabers.


We’ve docked at Coruscant. I’ve recieved word that the parliament is finally having a discussion on re-organizing into a Republic. This would mean much less bickering and much more action to be taken by the galactic government. I’ve given the padawans 3 days of “shore leave” as the soldiers used to say. They have some spare credits and after more than a month of hard training they could use some fun. I do hope some of them decide to join me at will (hopefully) soon be called the Galactic Senate. Side note, the Tank is still meditating with her new lightsaber. I’ve never seen it take so long for a padawan to attune to a lightsaber. It could be the inperfections in the crystal.



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